GÉOLOCATION (Pagé-Leclair, Society of Land Surveyors) is committed to providing clients with a range of services tailored to their needs. We observe the most stringent quality standards with an innovative approach that integrates engineering and land management.

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Geomatics professionals

We are a team of surveying and geomatics professionals working in synergy to deliver top caliber consulting and assessment services. Our numerous clients have come to trust us with their specialized needs in land and technical surveying, photogrammetry, LiDAR capturing, remote sensing, and digital mapping.

Nothing less than complete satisfaction for every one of our clients.

Our objective is to meet all our clients' geomatics and surveying needs. We use innovative processes and state-of-the art technology to provide a full slate of services, from geographic data acquisition and imagery to the organization, mapping, and distribution of geographic information. We are active in a number of sectors.

Specialized geomatics and surveying services across the province of Quebec—and beyond.

GÉOLOCATION has the resources to operate anywhere in Quebec, the rest of Canada, or the world with its team of highly qualified personnel and an ISO 9001:2008-certified quality assurance system.


28 March 2017

Impact Management During Natural Disaster

Lac-Mégantic Rail Disaster, July 2013   When the notification of natural disaster is declared, priority number one is the safety of the people and it is essential to take action quickly to maximize the chances of rescuing and moving them to safe places. Beyond the persons, the concern then goes to the human facilities and the […]

27 March 2017

Géolocation Qualified for Natural Resources Canada

  As part of a request for supply arrangement and production of Geospatial data for Natural Resources Canada, we have received a qualification contract to participate in the validation and structuring process of the NHN (National Hydro Network). Géolocation’s expertise and understanding of technical specifications of the Canadian Center for Mapping and Earth Observation (CCMEO) […]


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Our Services   

Technical and Land Surveying

GÉOLOCATION can provide the land and technical surveying services you need for projects of any size on both private and federal or provincial public lands. We gather data, analyze regulations and titles, draft maps, and produce documents that meet your needs and meet the highest professional standards for surveyors.



For big and small photogrammetry assignments at any scale, GÉOLOCATION has the expertise you need. We offer conventional (film) and digital (matrix sensor) georeferenced aerial photography in black & white, color, and infrared, and in a wide range of resolutions and scales. Our photogrammetric cameras enable us to achieve the highest degree of precision. Also, we are offering new technology that uses drones to acquire airbone photography.


LiDAR Surveys

We use next-generation lasers for aerial and terrestrial surveys to ensure maximum precision. We also draw upon processes developed by our firm to offer derivative products such as scatter plot classification, three-dimensional digital modelling, contour lines, profile maps, volume calculations, and planimetric, obstacle, and slope maps. We handle projects of all sizes, often in the range of several thousand kilometers. Also, we are offering new technology that uses drones to acquire LiDAR.


Satellite Remote Sensing

Satellite imagery is the pefect solution for projets covering extremely large areas where low-resolution imagery is adequate. Satellite imagery can also be used to map our surroundings using spectrums not visible to the human eye, which is useful for purposes such as assessing the health of plant cover and wetlands.


Digital Mapping

GÉOLOCATION is known for its expertise in surveying and in aerial and LiDAR surveys. But you can get much more out of your data by choosing a suitable, standardized mapping system that gives you an overview of phenomena or items of interest at a glance. Functional and aesthetic aspects are both developed to their full potential in our mapping systems.


Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

We integrate, organize, and process spatial and attribute data in your GIS system. If you don't have a GIS, we can recommend software and help you create a system tailored to your needs.





Renewable Energy


Mining, Oil and Gas








Residential, Commercial, and Industrial


Tourism and Recreation

GÉOLOCATION is certified ISO 9001:2008.

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1405, boulevard Central
Quebec City, QC, G1P 0A7
301-830, route des Rivières
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14 rue du Jardin
QC, G0T 1L0


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